Sunshine Award—favored Alaskan artists and artist resources

How fun! A fellow blogger, portrait artist, and member, Alison Schuchs, has nominated me for the Sunshine Award. The Sunshine Award is a blogger award for creativity and positivity. I’m really flattered that Alison thought of me, obviously she has excellent taste. :) Wow, this is a lot of work though, hopefully well worth it.
The rules for accepting the award are:
Put the logo on your blog or within your post.
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* Tali’s addition: I think it would be best if you don’t repeat current nominees–donchya think?

Here is my list of favorite blogs (in no particular order). I chose to focus on local artists and artists and/or artist blog that provide artist resources, with the exceptions of Marie Green and Julie Rogers (see below) whose work is just too good to miss.

Marie Green Art Alright, I know, this is a website, not a blog. All the same, Marie’s paintings are not to be missed. They have a spirit about them that will lift your spirits whenever to see them. Make you purchases quickly, her paintings sell fast!

Diann Haist One of my favorite Alaskan artists Diann paints it like it is. No candy coatings, just raw and very real beauty. I also love reading her commentary-just like her art she tells us like it is. The truth in her writing and painting refreshes the soul.

Eric Deeter An amazing Alaskan artist cut short right during his prime. His paintings and encouragement continue to inspire me.

Kimberly Bustillos Though she lives in Alaska, you wouldn’t know it by her art-she specialized in portraiture, still life, and is a fellow art supply junky. We have weekly support group meetings. J Truly cutting edge, Kimberly’s bold approach is a visual feast.

Karen Whitworth A prolific Alaskan artist, Karen’s love for her homeland and Hawaii is evident in her colorful paintings. Her prints are beautiful, but there is a passion in her originals that is impossible to replicate. Better get the real thing!

Kristy Tracy I loved Kristy’s Alaskan paintings the moment I saw them online, but, oh what a treat to see the originals! The attention to detail and colors alone would be enough to motivate me to study the paintings further, but there is more. Look carefully and listen to the stories she tells. And you better not purchase the original of Spring Fandango! I am saving my money for it-just don’t tell my husband 😉

Karin Wells An excellent blog with a wealth of information about oil painting and art from someone who knows. This is one of the few blogs I subscribe to so I won’t miss anything. Karin is politically active, and I rarely agree with her views, but I always enjoy reading them. Be sure to pay her blog a visit. Looking at her beautiful encaustic paintings is reason enough alone.

Making a Mark Artist and author Katherine Tyrrell draws and writes about art for artists and art lovers. Topics include: artists, art exhibitions, art blogs; art history; art techniques and tips; art business and marketing; art economy and making a mark with pastels, coloured pencils and pen and ink. This is a blog that I have not fully explored, but chalk full of information.

Painting From Life Fabulous artist, teacher, wetcanvas member, Larry Seiler is an artist’s artist. There is much wisdom to be learned from him and his paintings. Be sure to look at his “Will paint for Gas” link!

Julie Rogers Yes, this isn’t a blog either, but I have never mentioned her before in my ramblings, and I feel I really must. Few know that my second medium of choice is pastel, and this artist has mastered it. Would you like to see what the human soul looks like? Check out her pastel paintings, they simply move me to tears. My personal favorite: Kirkwood Boys

Douglas Girard  Another plug for the Alaskan painter! Douglas paints the atmosphere of Hatcher’s Pass like no one else I know. He’s a great guy too.

Shane Lamb Ok, I hate to do “this is not a blog” thing again, but I would be such a traitor if I didn’t include Shane in this list! Shane has been painting Alaska’s vast beauty for many, many years, and it shows. Again the originals are much more luminous than the prints, for the fine art collector with the means to acquire them. For those who don’t? His attention to detail makes his giclees some of the best I’ve seen in the industry.


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  1. I am really chuffed to be included in such talented company, Tali, thank you. Forgive me that I don’t blog (Wet Paint on my site is at least monthly *smile*) however I shall carry my Sunshine Award with pride!

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