CMY palette design oil painting mixing, demo 1.2

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Quick oil portrait painting study of Katie using Zorn limited palette

Notes for three-day intensive oil portrait workshop (working from a photo) Day 2

Introduced limited value driven palette (inspired by “Zorn” palette). Discussed and demonstrated how to set up the palette, and the properties of color as follows: (much of this information is gleaned from handprint.com, an excellent source for information of all things color!!) Basic Paint Attributes include: • color appearance: hue (the name of a corresponding spectral…


Notes for three-day intensive oil Portrait workshop (working from a photo) Day 1

Lecture and computer demo A value driven composition is best for describing form (dimension), and “grabbing” the viewer’s attention from a distance. Having a value plan or notan is critical in keeping you on track of your painting destination In creating a notan it is important to have: Uneven distribution of light and dark; connecting…

Rose still life reference photo

Notan, make your statement!

I will qualify this post by admitting that i don’t always do notan studies for my painting. Sometimes I do a notan wash on my board and paint right over it. Sometime the picture i want to paint is more about color than value (rarely) and there is not real notan, as in I define the…

Be Still! original oil painting by Talya Johnson

Artist map

Some people are natural explorers, and like traveling without a map. While I enjoy an occasional mapless excursion, if I take too many, I tend to start feeling lost, aimless, and anxious. Here is a little exercise to help you develop your own custom artist map. It isn’t a rigid map and is very open for adjustment, new discoveries and growth. Give it a try! Writing all this out will help you understand clarify why you create, and which direction to go.

Detail of Forbidden Fruit oil painting study by Talya Johnson

Forbidden Fruit–an artist’s stand against chromophobia

After being highly highly valued for centuries, color became forbidden fruit,.associated with loose reasoning, slack morals, and unrestrained living. In this extreme climate, reason, conformity, and moral rectitude ruled. Color, like emotion, was to be managed, controlled, and subdued.”

Detail from Gleaning Light oil painting by Talya Johnson

Want Clean, Beautiful Colour in your Oil Paintings?

Getting clean, beautiful colour seems to be a common challenge for the oil painter. I promise the solution is quite simple. Ready? Make sure your palette is clean! Oh, and make sure your using the right colours—and plenty of them! If your mixing pools start to deaden from over-mixing, scrape them off! Who wants to…